*PRICE REDUCED* - Used Trenchless Equipment (#42783)

Used Trenchless Equipment: (All Pricing USD) $33,000 USD for both packages. Maxliner Lateral Relining System complete with MaxHotKick boiler for sale. The MaxLiner System is specifically designed to be lightweight and portable so that everything you need can be easily transported, taking you from one job to the next with efficiency and ease. MaxLiner System needs just two workers to get the job done. Includes Max LinerGun inversion equipment for relining lateral pipes 4″, 6″ and 8″, digital scale, vacuum pump, calibration roller, regulator, plugs (80mm, 105mm, 130mm), silicone. All in excellent condition. https://maxlinerusa.com/maxliner-system/ Also Included: 2x 329’ rolls of Superflex Thick 4”x 4.5mm liner, replacement - cost $2,500/each. 100’ roll x 4” clear calibration tube - cost $234. 100’ roll x 4” Pre-liner - cost $134. 2 x 40lb bucket Quick-Pox Resin - $248/each = $497 (fresh-just received in February). 1 x 20lb bucket Quick-Pox 60 Hardener - $185 (fresh-just received in February). New Replacement Silicone Bladder for Linergun = $595. *Total replacement cost of materials = $6,645. *New Maxliner System is $37,000. TOTAL $43,645. ***ASKING, – 35% off = $28,369. PortaBurst Lightning: Maximum Performance. Exceptional Portability HammerHead offers 2 different models of PortaBurst down hole units: the PB30 Gen 2 and Lightning. What’s the difference? While both have up to 30 tons of pulling force, the Lightning is designed to be lightweight for jobs where access is limited. https://www.hammerheadtrenchless.com/products/pipe-bursting/lateral-bursting Includes: Portaburst Lightning/extraction cage/cable, swaged ¾” x 100’/ Quick Grip Burst Head 4/ Cast Iron-PVC Slitter Head & HDPE Pipe Fusion Package. New approx. $23,000. ASKING – 35% off = $14,950. *** Purchase both packages @ 40% off from $66,645 = 39,987. ***A total of $26,658 savings and I’ll include a Ditch Witch 2” Piercing tool (Pneumatic Mole). 604-358-4710. (C05)


Location Vancouver , BC