2020 Custom-Made ADA Restroom Trailers (#42908)

2 brand-new 2020 custom-made ADA Restroom Trailers - each one is identical both just need the finishing mechanical items. Designed to be operated with wheels removed & lowered to the ground. With all water running into a holding tank or bladder bag, OR each can have a grinder installed and a holding tank installed in the mechanical room, we have 2,500-gallon holding tanks available separately. Dimensions 7’ x 10’, fully insulated, epoxy, non-slip floor. 2 separate entrances, FRP walls, LED lighting, roof top air conditioning, electric strip heaters, aluminum exterior, aluminum handicap ramp. Light weight ~ easily pulls with a 1/2 ton pickup. Each trailer is $15,000 as is or ask us for an updated quote with how you want 1 or more finished. Contact: Russ 928-242-1106 Email: Russ@ElkCreekBuilders.com. www.washing.sinktrailers.com. (P05)


Location Overgaard, AZ